Please stop playing small

Please stop playing small

January 6, 2020

Please stop playing small. Yes, you. We are speaking to each of you as it is natural for humans to operate in this manner. You do it because you fear your future. That sentence may not make sense at this moment, but it will eventually. We, again, will use Roger to explain as he’s also known part of his life’s purpose is to be the example even though it has been extremely uncomfortable for him, and he has fought us every step of the way.
As you live your lives, you come to new horizons of experience, so to speak. It is not possible for it to be any other way. In other words, if you are still living in your current physical form, this is true for you. It is not difficult to figure this out as you all have known too well that you cling to your current realities, and fear the unknown.

Here is the story. Roger decided to make changes in his life and career. These changes prompted him to change his website. The struggle that ensued is the cause of the recent physical symptoms he rightly interpreted as resistance.

This morning we led him to a video of someone demonstrating what he desired to do, which he wasn’t. What Roger saw was a person wholly fulfilled and projecting a beam of light in their experience that was undeniable. He had to ask himself why he didn’t have that? Fortunately, this person explained their reluctance to have taken this journey. But Roger saw the result now, and he knows he cannot settle for less. We hope you come to that decision as well.


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