Please stop looking back for your future is in the other direction

Please stop looking back for your future is in the other direction

May 23, 2020
Please stop looking back for your future is in the other direction. We are speaking to you individually and your world as a whole. You are all moving through tremendous upheaval and change, which are the most challenging for humans, but that is also necessary, which we will explain.

Currently, many of you are shouting and fighting to regain your former world and former selves. Neither of those things will occur. You merely need to study basic science to know you are never physically the same from day to day, and the same is true for your spiritual consciousness and awareness. Please keep in mind this entire message is individual as well as global. Now because you innately as humans fear change, you offer resistance in an attempt to prevent that from occurring. You are witnessing demonstrations all over the world of those who want to return to normal, when in fact, you never want that. Why would you want to be the same and never progress or become more? What will occur, however, in each of you and your world is you will develop latent and underutilized abilities to cause your lives, and in turn, the world to evolve.

Yesterday Roger had a counseling session with two individuals. We decided to jump into the conversation and offer information to both individuals, which they found astounding, and they asked Roger if he were psychic, to which he responded yes. You all are and now because of, and during this time, you will glimpse your gifts and talents. You didn’t acknowledge them previously. While they have always been available to Roger, he only recently became willing to use them, and we are using Roger as an example for you all. Why would you want to look back? You can create the future you want now.

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