Please stop fighting for your past

Please stop fighting for your past

September 3, 2021
Please stop fighting for your past. You each do that in some manner in each lifetime or physical incarnation you have. You are doing it again now, and that is why everything you see in your world today is what we have told you in our Sunday chats.

Some part of you is waiting to emerge. You picked this restructuring to accomplish your goal because your resistance to becoming yourself has previously been so strong that dramatic events were necessary to provide you with the impetus to love yourself.

We will give you a part of the story now and continue it on Sunday. The message we wanted Roger to use was hatred and judgment are the same. But due to his resistance to owning part of himself, he came into this information differently, which he was meant to do as it is a part of his evolutionary journey.

We will use a story from his life to aid you all. The other day we cleverly slipped in the incident with his friend who had a fight with his father and potentially squandered a chance for a better life. Roger did not say to him what we said, but Roger used his intuition and followed what he believed, and he told his friend that he should apologize as that felt to be the next step.

Then last night, the friend sent a text message and said everything is back on track. Roger knew that saying what he did would cause the desired result to occur, for he did not demand or use any judgment, and he knew that was the manner his friend will hear him.

Last week we told you that Roger could not see anything wrong in you, and that has been the past he has been fighting to keep, which is not acknowledging that wisdom. And you each do that every life you live for you are continually evolving.

You came to move through long-held limitations, and at times that is challenging for you because you keep wanting to keep your past. After all, it is familiar, and you fear the unknown. That is what is occurring in you and your world now. We will explain more tomorrow but attempt not to fear what you see today, for you will be fine when you stop fighting to keep your past.

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