Please pay attention

Please pay attention

December 3, 2019

Please pay attention. This message will be the best we have given. Now that would make sense, for if you have been following along, your awareness and acceptance have both increased. Roger is receiving a ton of information, but we will attempt to simplify for this sitting. The story itself may suffice.

We awakened Roger at 4:30 AM this morning. He doesn’t find it nearly as annoying as before. Roger went to the restroom and came back to his bed. As he wasn’t quite ready to get up, he picked up his phone to hear a video. The phone was “stuck” on a particular video, and he couldn’t change it. He knew that was us, so he gave up his resistance and listened. The video was from Molly McCord, who Roger discovered some time ago and couldn’t understand why she resonated so much for him on a deep level. One reason is that she refers to her intuitive self and owns it proudly, and Roger has not. Molly referred to the twelve-year astrological cycle we are experiencing currently, and said we could find awareness by examining our lives as they were twelve years ago. Roger knew immediately what that was. Roger had created a business, but it was not the one that would serve his purpose, so we caused it to fail. That may sound harsh to you, but it all makes sense to Roger now, but it was extremely painful for him then. You all resist your intuitive directions in so many ways.

Roger thought that when we awakened him, and he kept hearing us yelling, “please pay attention.” he thought we were using a play on words meaning, what you pay attention to will reward you in some way. While that is true, that wasn’t it. Roger then came to his computer and turned on a video and heard continually, “pay attention.” The shock of it was so intense for Roger; tears burst forth. We will continue this another time, but for now, we will leave with the central point for you to gather from this story.

All experiences of your life hold meaning and purpose, and you always come to understand this. Nothing is happening in your lives


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