Please open your eyes

Please open your eyes

August 8, 2019

Please open your eyes. While we will be using Roger to explain what is meant here, we are also speaking to every other human. You are all always given everything that you need to create the life you wanted, or to manifest those things you have imagined. You have encountered one difficulty, however, and that is you all believe that what you need to accomplish all those things exists outside of you, and it never has.

Recently, Roger noticed a dramatic spike in subscribers to his YouTube channel. He questioned why this was occurring, and said to others the only difference was that in his last live video sessions, he decided to be who he was. Then his associate noticed many were coming because of a title he had used which intimated being yourself was the goal.

While these “clues” were being thrust upon him, he attempted to ignore them because, again, like you all, he couldn’t imagine that his being himself would be enough. It is for him, and for you all because that is the only way the world evolves. Please help.


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