Please love yourself more

Please love yourself more

February 14, 2021
Please love yourself more. We are quite aware of this day’s sentiment, which is why we decided to take advantage of it to capture your attention. Typically more of you think of this day as an opportunity to express gratitude to your loved ones or that significant other. The challenge you all have experienced in every life you have lived is that you didn’t know that your significant other is you.

You are moving through a massive restructuring specifically for the purposes of you accepting and coming to love more of yourself. While it is different for each person, we will share Roger’s story for your encouragement. When Roger first began receiving information from us in this manner in 1988, he thought that was the first time or a new experience, which of course, it was not, as he discovered again a few days ago.

It is as if each of you moves through your lives incrementally accepting more of yourself or coming to love yourself more, and you are doing that now. When Roger awakened this morning, the title of this message were the first words he heard, and then he came to his computer and played a video that said the same words. Roger knows there are no coincidences, but you can pretend there are and continue to deny who you are.

We will lay out a short timeline of Roger’s progression, so you might open to accepting yours. Roger always thought to receive our information, that he needed a ceremony of sorts or the right conditions such as silence. Roger also thought he had to write our words, but last year, that shifted, and he didn’t recognize how long it had been. The last time Roger wrote one of our messages was June 2020.

During that same year, Roger began noticing with a greater acceptance that he and we were often speaking as one but not always because Roger is also acutely aware of his "issues" he is moving through in this lifetime. He knows we do not hold those. Last night Roger had the urge, of course from us, to watch "The Long Island Medium." Roger loved that show, but it had moved recently to a new subscription channel, and we told Roger to subscribe.

Roger sat and watched several episodes, which always provide him with greater comfort because he can witness something that reassures him that he is not crazy! We threw that in, for it will be a part of a talk Roger will give. Many people believe this life is all there is you have not lived before, but we also know most reading our words are open to more. If Roger embodies what we told him in the title of this message, it will be the same for you as well; that is, if you keep reading us.

Last night Roger attempted to use his former roommate as a distraction to his awakening, as many of you have done with your relationships. We gave you and Roger a message years ago that will inform this message. Even though it will cause the length of this message to expand, it is essential for Roger and so many more, and it will clarity the first sentence of this paragraph. You will be fine.

March 17, 2017
You desired autonomy yet settled for co-dependence. This is also not the first time you have done this. Autonomy means that you know you have developed the ability to make choices and decisions in your life that you know are in your best interest, independent of others’ actions.

Co-dependence, on the other hand, means that you have chosen to accept a distraction that would keep you from focusing on yourself because you are focused on the other. This is a futile attempt to fulfill a lack you experience in yourself, and it never works. Co-dependency then becomes an addiction for you, meaning you think you need it to survive.

Now what you desired was to experience the complete freedom to make your own choices and decisions, and that is autonomy.

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