Please lose your mind!

Please lose your mind!

December 6, 2019

Please lose your mind! Yes, we are yelling that to you all. First of all, if you are completely happy with your life so far, and you have achieved what you wanted, please disregard our words. But if you want more, please pay attention.

Roger was in conversation with a friend last night, who said, “I think you might be losing your mind.” Roger blurted out, “I hope so.” Now that response even startled him because what has held him back his entire life is being far too concerned with the opinions of others. It is why it took more than seventeen years before he would allow anyone to see our conversations. And even that was not by his own doing.

This morning we had him look up individuation. You all would do well to do the same. The evolution of your world depends on you
understanding this concept. None of you recognize your importance in the world because you have unknowingly rejected this concept in favor of conformity. You knew this when you were rebellious teenagers. As you mature, you somehow begin to see this as being “crazy.” Please keep in mind that most of your geniuses were once considered to be insane. Sometimes you don’t study all your history. None of you are here to be the same. You are here to be you!

To prove the point, we had Roger glimpse two emails, to which he has yet to respond, that demonstrates how important it is for you to embrace you. We will place one line here. “After checking out many other coaches throughout YouTube, I think that for some reason, you gave me the hope it could really really become a reality, and therefore I got super excited to connect and see the options to begin this new path.”


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