Please lift the car off the baby

Please lift the car off the baby

March 16, 2020

Please lift the car off the baby. We fought with Roger for a bit as he thought some of you would think we were making light of your current world situation. We are doing just that. Last night, in conversation with a friend, Roger said it was the responsibility of each of us during times of global crisis or grief to offer understanding and insight.

Roger did not know why he said those words or felt that way, but knew it almost felt like an obligation. That feeling might be as it is for many of you who feel on an intuitive level that your current world dilemma is leading you all to a greater good, and indeed it is. We used the idea of lifting a car as each of you has seen stories of mothers summoning superhuman strength in times of crisis, such as saving their child. You each have that ability, and you are asked to bring it forth now. Your new world is the child you are saving, and birth is always painful.

When we suggested yesterday you study the pandemic of 1918, it was so hopefully you would find the little adjunct to the story that so many more survived because they believed they could.


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