Please give up the fight

Please give up the fight

January 14, 2020

Please give up the fight. We are speaking to each of you and Roger more specifically, as he is fighting us in receiving this message.

You each are born into the world with characteristics, inclinations, and desires that are unique, and quite individual. None of them are precisely the same! You each have difficulty with this because you judge and measure everything in physical terms, and then label them as good or bad, and right and wrong. Now because you don’t understand this completely, you will view others who either came before or who are in your current experience. Then when you experience your differences, you tend to think something is wrong with you, or you are off-track in some way. You will know you are operating in this manner because you feel uncomfortable, sad, depressed, and sometimes even angry. Those emotions are meant to alert you to the fact you are fighting against yourself.

Roger has done this for decades, and brilliantly we might add so that he will serve as an excellent example for you all. Roger finds it challenging to release his need to inspire and support others. Those close to him judge this behavior as being odd, but he finds it impossible and physically uncomfortable to operate any other way. We have spoken of this often, and you can find a message we gave; you can’t be anyone else and be happy.

Here’s the story. Roger received an email from a client last night, expressing their appreciation for his work. Roger couldn’t read it or respond until this morning. We want him to place those words here, and that is where he is fighting us. The client is from another country, and we don’t want him to correct the English. Also today Roger is visiting with friends he has not seen or spoken to in fifty years. They sent him a message which he didn’t understand and pushed back on. We want him to find that as well.

We gave him a process to use, which he gives to his clients called, find your own motivation. The instruction is to find and appreciate your accomplishments. He doesn’t do it himself, which is why we are taking this opportunity now. We thank you for your indulgence.

Message one.
Let me also take this opportunity to thank you for the great job you have done; I will make sure I work so hard on what I have learned.
You are such a kind,nice and helpsome person to work with.
I did not feel judged or looked down on, but you did your best to help me from my level.
Thank you once again sir. may God bless you and take you far in what you are doing for other people. I also read your newsletters which are very helpful.

Message two:
WONDERFUL! You are one of the high points of this trip, literally and figuratively!


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