Please do your job

Please do your job

November 30, 2019

Please do your job. Some of you will find great comfort and solace in this message. You each were born with a job to do, and it was one that you provided for yourself. You knew that your job, should you choose to fulfill it would cause the evolution of the world. You have no conscious memory of this, so many of your actions, inclinations, situations, and circumstances seem confusing. But rest assured they were all a part of the plan you set forth.

Now for further understanding. The world in which you live is born and continues to expand and evolve from contrast. Contrast simply means that you are provided with choices. The choices that you make throughout your life will tell you if you are fulfilling your job. If you are happy with your choice, then you are. If you are not happy, then you are not. You want to make it more complicated than this, yet it is not.

We awakened Roger in the night to hear a video from Victor, who he admires. The subject was light workers. Now Roger has not used that term as he has an aversion to labels. But he did know we wanted him to speak on this. A light worker is a term that humans created to understand and accept some inexplicable feelings and thoughts they hold, like Roger. We will show you how all of your experiences lead you to your job. Roger has never maintained a focus on money and knew that he withheld money from himself as a means of motivation so he might fulfill his job. This morning he was reminded of a story he has often told of his mother. Roger can still hear her saying, “don’t be so selfish.” Roger took that to heart, so he lived a life where he would give to others to not be selfish. Now he finds others drawn to him with these inclinations, and they find their solace in his example. You all do this in your own ways. We have told you that the worst public figures in your history provided you with contrast for your world to become its best. Those are subjective terms you will comprehend.

Here is what we want you all to take away from this communication. Your job is being yourself, and that causes your world to evolve. You should now know how important you are.


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