Please do your job

Please do your job

February 9, 2020

Please do your job. We are speaking to every soul who reads this message as it will resonate for all who choose to have it do so. We are using Roger as a very reluctant example to explain this message. The fact that we mention he is reluctant will cause more of you to be impacted by our words.

You each are born with desires and aspirations, which many times you don’t know why you have them. They are different than what you might observe in others, and you then make certain assumptions about yourselves. Roger assumed that he was quite strange in many of the actions and behaviors he utilized in the world. Many of you do this because you want to fit into some established norm, but the difficulty you experience with that mode of being is unhappiness. You experience that displeasure because you are being guided to do your job, but because you don’t understand it and it is not tangible, you think it is weird. It is not. Every single soul is meant to be who they are guided to be, and there are no accidents.

Yesterday Roger decided, of course, influenced by us, to record a video on fear and self-doubt. Roger had no other conscious agenda other than he "felt" he was supposed to do it. This morning he saw that a client had scheduled a session with him and paid money. Now Roger does not know if this was a result of the video, but it felt that way to him. What is now essential was that Roger experienced a sense of guilt because he received the money.

Now we come to the point of this message. If you value who you are, your withheld abundance will manifest. Roger’s mentor said to him; others are investing in his services, which is a new concept for Roger. He did not place value on merely following what he "felt" he was meant to do. All of you do this in some way, and on some level, simply because you are not willing to do your job, which is to be yourself ultimately.


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