Please decide to own your weirdness!

Please decide to own your weirdness!

September 14, 2019

Please decide to own your weirdness! Did you feel a slight sense of relief when you read that sentence? There is a good reason for that which Roger will interpret. First of all, we have told him the next book will be “Perception,” and this message will be valuable for that endeavor.

Yesterday, in communication with others, Roger used the phrase, “own my weirdness.” Of course, it was influenced by us, but he didn’t have to give it voice, but this morning we brought it back as it’s vital for you all to understand.

You all make pronouncements about who you want to be or what you want to accomplish, but when you decide to voice those aspirations to others, you will feel weird or at the very least, think those others will believe that about you. That is a good thing.

Now you all will understand this, and if you put a bit of effort into the study of this, it will help solidify your belief in yourself. There was no great leader, inventor, creator, thought, or religious mentor who was not perceived to be weird by others until their value manifested. It is the same for all of you. Now be happy.


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