Please become your real self now

Please become your real self now

July 25, 2020
Please become your real self now. This message is a difficult one for Roger to disseminate, so we take the reigns. We have often said that each of you was born with your "job" to do, and each one is important, and all add to the evolution of all that is. Most times, you reject the direction or guidance you are provided. No one could be a better example of this behavior than Roger.

We have spoken of Roger’s dislike of conspiracy theories, and he has asked those around him not to send them to him. We have told Roger that his "job" was to learn and teach empowerment. If you believe there is a conspiracy against you, you are not becoming empowered, and you have completely discounted the idea that you are all one. How could you conspire against yourself?

There are other elements of Roger’s personality and characteristics that have always informed him of what he was to do in this life, but he, like you, attempted to ignore them. One of his traits that he playfully attributes to his astrological sign of Scorpio is being a detective of sorts and his need to know the truth. Roger has often said that he doesn’t talk about what he does not know or experience.

We will tie all this together. Yesterday Roger received information on a conspiracy theory that began several years ago, and it was the genesis of what we referred to as the restructuring of your world. You have made it extremely easy to influence the minds of many due to your technology, and those who took advantage of this would somehow have the upper hand. Roger grew up before the Internet existed, so he relied on getting his information in other ways. When those theories began surfacing, Roger did his usual due diligence to find the truth.

When he completed his investigation and was satisfied with the results, he knew his attention now needed to go back to work he felt called to do, but the distractions persisted. They persisted because he was afraid to become himself. You each do this in your own ways, and we will leave you with the message we sent Roger to last night, which now he understands and feels he has accomplished.

December 28, 2018
You cannot have the experience of autonomy as you desired while at the same time needing others to agree with you or validate your choices. You were in conversation last night that brought this to your awareness.

You accept that you create your own reality, so you questioned why you would create one that felt challenging or that you were being judged or criticized. You created that because you wanted to own your truth and your life experience without having, or more importantly, needing the approval of others. You have continually struggled with this, but your awareness and acceptance now show you how much you have indeed progressed.

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