Please accept your gifts now, for you are needed

Please accept your gifts now, for you are needed

May 14, 2020
Please accept your gifts now, for you are needed. Yes, we are speaking to you directly, and consider this to be an intimate conversation. We must mention it took a while for Roger to allow this message, for he was experiencing physical discomfort. We advised him to take aspirin and waited for it to take effect. What he was experiencing was his resistance to "hearing" us, just as each of you has resisted hearing your guides, let alone believe them. That sentence is the one we are working on today, and we will explain.

Yesterday we told you we would provide the results of the talk Roger was to give that revolved around the question, "what am I meant to do in my life?" Now our message yesterday delineated the "problem." most of you have, which is the habit of using comparison, which bore out in the conversations with the attendees. Roger allowed each one to speak and address what they believed they were meant to do, and none of them accepted it fully, and it was due to the familiar use of comparison. Roger was somewhat dumbfounded as he looked them all, for he saw the manifestation of our words before him.

Last night his roommate said to him after hearing of the results that it was as if we were offering predictions. We have always given them, but none of you believed them, especially Roger. Now we will explain the title again. You each are born with gifts to utilize that will help the world evolve. Currently, the world is in dramatic flux, and your gifts are needed because the trajectory of the world is directed by the collective energy of all humans, including you.

Here is the choice each of you will make now, and it will create the future of your world. Ready? You will choose love or fear. That’s it.

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