Playing small no longer serves you

Playing small no longer serves you

November 29, 2019

Playing small no longer serves you. As you move through your life and become more conscious, there are certain self-defeating behaviors you have held that no longer serve you. We will use Roger to demonstrate the point. First of all, we said you become more conscious because most of you have been living your lives unconsciously. If that were not true, you would want for nothing.

Then we said to you and Roger, no longer, because we have given you this message earlier. Roger even attempted not to remember this, and we had his search for our message on false humility, and we will add it to this communication for reading them together will have a greater impact.

Yesterday Roger received an acknowledgment of and testimonial of his work that was even more than he could have asked. Roger read the message one time and felt himself push back from accepting it. He then performed a perfunctory task of sharing it with others, but even that was uncomfortable on certain levels. Roger didn’t know why we used the word perfunctory, so he had to look it up. Now you all will see some of the contradictory actions and ways of being you have been using. The reason playing small no longer serves Roger is that he knows he wants to make a difference to others, but if he continual denies he is doing so, he stays small. We will let each of you find your story in this, but remember, you intended to expand in this lifetime. Play big!

March 31, 2017

Helping another always helps you for you are all connected and one. That statement is made to you because, at times, you display a false humility that does not serve you or others.

In other words, you are reluctant to acknowledge the encouragement and help you offer to others that inspire them to expand and become more. While you know that others make their own choices and must find, develop, and use their own power, it is not arrogant for you to acknowledge your contribution to that.

Now you understand the meaning and existence of win-win situations, for they are everywhere, but many times you miss seeing them.


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