Once you accept yourself, you will be wildly successful

Once you accept yourself, you will be wildly successful

March 3, 2021
Once you accept yourself, you will be wildly successful. That sentence is true for every person, including you. We have an incredible story that will inform this message and possibly cause you to accept yourself more.

Last night Roger was questioning us, or what you might think of as "pondering," what he might do with the many new consultations he has today who are seeking intuitive readings. Roger knew that while he couldn’t operate differently, he had not announced it in this manner, so it was new for him. You all hold that slight hesitation when moving into something new.

This morning Roger came to his computer, and when he opened YouTube, his eyes gazed at a video, and Roger became transfixed. He knows that occurs when there is communication from us that we are advising him to do something. You each have this mechanism, but you may not have utilized it effectively, and Roger can attest to that as he had not always done so himself.

Now here is the best part of the story. As Roger watched the video, a range of emotions overtook him. He laughed, he cried, and felt tremendous exhilaration, all at once! The reason this occurred was Roger heard confirmation of who he was. Roger also knew we had just given him the answer to how he would work with his clients today.

Roger will listen to them and offer them confirmation of who they believe they might be because most of you, especially Roger, have judged yourselves as being somehow inadequate, ineffective, out of place, or any manner of ideas of concoctions we might throw out which are all erroneous. We got on a bit of tangent there, for this is essential.

You each are born to be entirely accepted and offer something magnificent to the world no matter what you may have felt before, but the restructuring is aiding you, and you will be fine.

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