Of course, it makes sense now

Of course, it makes sense now

May 2, 2019

Of course, it makes sense now. We wanted Roger to begin with that sentence, but we also need to take this message over as he is having difficulty, as he has most of his life. His struggle with this will aid all you as was his intention.

The opening statement is one that you all make in your lives eventually, but you would live much happier lives if you choose to believe it now. He did not.

We are going to use some specific dates and names to help him, and you develop more acceptance. When he was young, we had him experience strange beings, as they seemed to him, to open him to the possibility of something existing outside of himself, but it just frightened him. Some thirty years later, we led him to meet someone, who led him to someone else, who led them all to the Seth material. We knew those remembrances would be useful, but not for decades.

Then we led him to a job that led him to A Course in Miracles, and then to Marianne Williamson. We then had him befriend her assistant so he might witness the emergence of others would use their voice. Now interspersed with that, we led him to an entity through a Ouija board. Recently we led him to an organization that would hear his voice and offer appreciation. But then we took all those things away so he would harness what is within him, to offer to all of you.

Some of you will think this is all crazy talk, as he did, but others will find such solace in this message. You’re welcome.


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