Now your life will be fun

Now your life will be fun

January 4, 2020

Now your life will be fun. Now we know we have often said that whatever communication we are about to give you would be the one that changes your life, but we really mean it this time. First, we will make a bold statement that we will use Roger to prove. That statement is, the only challenges, difficulties, or what you call problems exist because of your judgment. That is the judgment of others, yourself, and your world.

There could be no better teacher than Roger to serve as an example so that each of you might begin to trust yourselves and your experiences. Here is the story. Last night, Roger found himself watching hours of documentaries discussing scientific discoveries. We have often mentioned that Roger has never trusted our communications fully or his intuitive self. You each have difficulties with this, again because of judgment.

Roger will trust himself now if he finds "valid" evidence of what he might be experiencing, especially from scientists. Roger thought we were leading him to further study of Einstein, but we wanted him to discover Sir Issac Newton. There have been recent discoveries of his works where he married the notions of spirituality, religion, and science. You will come to discover there is no separation. This information was withheld for centuries, again, because of judgment.

This morning we placed in front of Roger a video of a presenter in front of thousands of people, speaking on trusting your intuition or gut. Now Roger had more validation of information he had received, but now he also witnessed fun! These people had released their judgment. Now he has given himself more permission to release his judgment of himself, which more of you will do now as a result of this message. Contemplate.


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