Now your life may make sense

Now your life may make sense

June 30, 2020
Now your life may make sense. We said it might make sense because, as a human being, you were born with free will, so you can choose to believe whatever you wish, and therefore create that reality. Again, we say that reality because you are the ones making the choices. Now you may not believe what we are about to give you, and that would be completely logical as Roger never believed us either, until now.

This particular time in your world is causing each of you to perform an intense self-examination, and many of you are not pleased with what you notice. What you are noticing is your unwillingness to live your life as you felt you were guided live or who you could become. There is not one of you exempt from that sentence, even though you may put on blinders and pretend you never heard what you were being guided to do, just like Roger.

This morning upon awakening, Roger heard us say he should listen to Tania Gabrielle. We have mentioned her before because we want to point out that you each will find a particular individual with whom you resonate, which you cannot explain. Many of you cannot explain why our words make sense to you or how you even ended up here. That was your guidance. When Roger listened to the recording, he knew precisely why we led him there, and that was for reinforcement. You see, Roger, as you never trusted his intuition to the level where he would follow it, just like you. But today he did.

We pointed this out, and we will continue to do so because, during this global and planetary shift through which you are all traversing, you will be confronted with your fear, anger, worry, and lack of power. That scenario is call evolution. Roger couldn’t understand why he wasn’t sharing the fear as so many, and that is because he has decided his life makes sense now, and he was waiting for this time to own himself finally so that he could tell you that is what you are doing now. You "may" choose to believe us.

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