Now you will have more money

Now you will have more money

May 30, 2019

Now you will have more money. Since we have captured your attention, we will explain what is meant that will apply to you and all others. Yes, it is also what you intended to demonstrate and share.

Yesterday, you “inadvertently,” (that is our attempt at humor) discovered a video discussion between Eckhart Tolle and Neale Donald Walsch. We are using the names so this will resonate for many more. Both these men have been mentors, of sorts, to you. You have admired their work, and unknowingly, put them on an imaginary pedestal that you felt you could never achieve. When you listened to the discussion, you were shocked by Neale’s honest admissions to his frailties and doubt. Not to mention his feeling he was unable to even live up to his teachings.

At that moment, you not only recognized who you are, but what you have been doing, as most others do. We have given you this before, but now you believe it. There is no hierarchy of souls.


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