Now you might understand your life

Now you might understand your life

October 2, 2019

This message will be the most transparent we have ever delivered and the most uncomfortable for Roger. You will understand why that statement about Roger will aid you all in understanding your lives.

Begin with the premise that you are each born into the world with intention and purpose, which on a deep level, you know that your contribution will add to the evolution of all that is. Now you have no conscious memory of this, so when at times you are inspired to take certain actions or feel drawn to things that you don’t understand, it is always due to your individual life purpose. Again, you may not know this.

Roger has felt that his life purpose was to continually evolve in his life and offer that gained wisdom to others. He knew that he could only accomplish that by being willing to have experience, and some of it was horribly uncomfortable. Roger has been “given” many hints, as you all have, to know what he was meant to do. He tried not to see it, ignore it, or not believe it was real or possible. When each of you searches your history, you will know where you have done this. At a certain point, you come to decide who you want to be because the denial of who you are is even more painful. That is why you experience difficulties in your lives. Roger experienced that yesterday.

A client came to a session and began to tell him how much she had changed, evolved, and released life-altering obstacles in her life through his guidance. He also felt himself turning away from those compliments and feeling uncomfortable as he always has. You all have done this as well.

When you stop ignoring the hints that come to you through compliments, you will understand your life, as Roger is now.


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