Now you can change

Now you can change

November 24, 2021
Now you can change. We are giving you information today that will further inform our live conversation with you on Saturday. Your current restructuring is presenting you with the opportunities you desired when you were born, and all of those opportunities will require action on your part, and that will always be a change you make. The change each of you will make is how you think of yourself and your value and worth. You have underestimated what that could be, and you did that in your thinking.

We have said our intention now with our conversations is to help you move through more of your fear and doubt, which is why you wanted to change. You each have doubted your role in this lifetime, or you would not be here. The doubt enables you to expand and evolve, for it is far too uncomfortable to remain in doubt.

We are using a page we gave you in our 2012 work as we knew the opportunities present and available today. We know that it will require a stretch in your imagination to accept this premise, but that is also why you wanted to be here: believe in something beyond what you know now or have experienced.

The information we wanted you to receive in the following message is, your power is always in your thoughts and, therefore, within your control when you decide to change. You will come to understand that sentence, and once you do, you all will be fine.

November 24, 2012
What you experience or think of as a nightmare during your sleeping hours usually involves some situation or event where you feel you have no control. This should also alert you to the times during your waking hours where you also experience that sense of a nightmare because you think you have no control.

The control that you always possess, and the only one that truly matters in how you experience your entire physical life, is the control over your thoughts. This knowledge is brought back to your awareness again and again in each life. You begin to understand this concept and use it in your life, and that is evolving.

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