Now you can become more of yourself

Now you can become more of yourself

November 27, 2020
Now you can become more of yourself. As we have said, you are moving through a restructuring within yourself, which is then manifested in your world. Please decide now to accept your significance in this process. Until now, you have found it challenging to do so.

We can make general pronouncements here, for we know you are all one, and what is felt by one is felt by many. You each are born with intentions you want to live. But because you also fear the unknown, you don’t easily trust the guidance you have been given, and yes, it has always been there, but you, like Roger, have pretended not to hear it.

This morning we told Roger to search our messages for hide and seek. You might do that as well, and you will see several messages over decades telling him who he wanted to be, and Roger continually hid, as you might have done. The good news is that was the plan precisely. Then you will provide yourself with events such as holidays, meetings with family, and yes, pandemics to cause you so see. It was no collective accident you decided to make it twenty-twenty.

You might be experiencing a bit of stress, fear, or uncertainly now, but you will now also call on more of your innate abilities to solve the problem and evolve. You will do it in your way, but we will give you one story today to stir your imagination. During a conversation with family yesterday, Roger recognized that he had used one family member to be the reason why he has not been able to own what Roger feels he is meant to do in this life. That scenario is never factual in your life, but if you blame someone else for your lack of progression, you can let yourself off the hook, you think. That is the hiding of which we spoke.

Last night, we had Roger see a show about a young Yogi who came from a troubled life and decided to turn it around, inspire others, and reach a large audience. Roger thought that was what he wanted but would not allow himself to believe that was attainable. This morning we led Roger to a video of someone speaking of automatic writing and describing the process in detail that we would have given. That encounter provided Roger with more proof, which you all seem to require before you believe yourself.

We know that the last few days have caused you to shift, so please notice how and decide that you can now become more of yourself. Be patient, but remember, you will be fine.

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