Now let’s try this

Now let’s try this

May 16, 2019

Now let’s try this. We wanted you to have a catchy title, so hopefully, this message will be impressed upon your memory and that of others. Two incidents of your recent life experience deserve great notice.

Yesterday, you received word of a possible error on something you are creating. What became apparent to you, but only today is that you didn’t panic. Then with the same project, you were asked a question as to whether or not it was more important for you to earn a lot of money or disseminate your message. You chose the message.

Both of these incidents were meant to point out to you your progress. You found a solution to that original error because you didn’t panic, and you chose so you know what is essential in your life. Now try remembering that everything is always working out, and that is what we meant by now try this. You can make a lot of money and deliver your message when you do try this.


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