Now is the time you intended to accept yourself

Now is the time you intended to accept yourself

June 14, 2021
Now is the time you intended to accept yourself. You are born into the world because you wanted to evolve, and you knew that doing so would also aid your world’s evolution. As you move through your life, you are provided situations and circumstances designed to help that same evolution. The challenge many of you have, especially Roger, is accepting your importance in this plan.

We will give you one story, and then we ask you to reflect upon your life and notice the intuitive guidance you received but have yet to follow, and recognize you wanted this current restructuring to do so. Roger held his chat yesterday where we spoke. The entire experience was much more enjoyable for him this time, and we delivered such valuable time-sensitive information. Roger recorded the session but has yet to watch it, and he may not watch it for a while, for at times, he will judge himself as you might, so he will just offer the next one, with the knowledge we will deliver the timely information.

Now, this part will help you more. We told Roger to search our messages for the word acceptance. You might want to try it yourself on our site. He was shocked to see how many times we have said this, and we will leave one here for you were meant to see it now. You will be fine.

March 31, 2009
While it is always true that you have the ability to be, do, and have whatever you desire, it also requires your acceptance of this fact as your own truth.

Your particular truth is known to you by the practiced thoughts you hold and repeat. Practiced thoughts create beliefs in whatever direction they are practiced. You have long-held beliefs that did not necessarily deliver what you desired, and in turn, you accepted that, unknowingly, as your truth. Repetition of the new thoughts is the most important thing you can do to create the future you desire.

The Universe always delivers to you what you desire, and your only difficulty has been that when it shows up and doesn’t appear to be the way you envisioned it, you form a judgment about that, and at times, miss the opportunity.

Your expectations are always limited, so, therefore, expect the Universe to deliver more.

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