Now I understand

Now I understand

September 1, 2019

Now I understand. Please hold those words as you read this message, for it is a sentiment that Roger is beginning to accept now, as will you all eventually. We will admit we are bringing forth this message as Roger is having some difficulty embracing this experience. And his desire to explain it to all of you in a manner you might accept is strong.

Yesterday there were a series of events that seemed to appear in his life spontaneously. Some of them he felt his resistance to, and that awareness made him decide to move through it. Then what seemed to be like magic; he felt what he had been attempting to experience all of his life. He understood how all the difficulties had a purpose. He experienced right in front of his eyes the value his experiences held for another. It felt to him that he had finally understood himself. Then we caused him to glance at the time on his phone. He didn’t notice it at firsts, so we had him look again. This time he saw it was the time of his birth. It was a rebirth, which you all will
experience. It is ecstasy.


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