Nothing will stop you once you accept who you are

Nothing will stop you once you accept who you are

February 19, 2021
Nothing will stop you once you accept who you are. We are speaking to each of you directly, and we are doing it quite loudly. You will gain so much from this message which may surprise you. Roger would like to apologize for the length of this message, but we do not.

We awakened Roger to those words in the title, and he had a bit of hesitation with them as he has had for longer than is conceivable by you. We will tell a story, as that is Roger’s favorite way of moving through his limitations to aid others.
Roger received a phone call from his doctor’s office some time ago informing him that his clinic had the Covid 19 vaccine, and they asked if he wanted an appointment. Roger was a bit surprised as he didn’t think it was his "turn," and he was willing to wait. Roger accepted the appointment. Two days ago, Roger received two more phone calls asking the same question, and Roger didn’t understand why they didn’t know he already had an appointment. Roger also knows nothing accidentally occurs, so he waited until he could make sense of these events.

Yesterday Roger arrived at his appointment with a bit of unease because he was concerned he might not have enough time to make it home for his client. There is nothing more important to Roger than his clients. When Roger walked in, someone immediately approached him and asked if he would be willing to go first and be interviewed by television stations. Roger immediately said yes because now he knew he would not be late for his client, which was his only consideration. Keep following our thread.

Roger did not know this was the first day the vaccine was being administered at this facility. A reporter began asking Roger questions about his reason for being there and why he chose this facility. When Roger does not get in the way, we sneak in and tell the truth. Roger said, "I wasn’t really worried about me as I didn’t fear getting the virus, and I know my immune system is strong, but I have never been tested, I might have had it, and I don’t want to spread it." Keep following along.

Roger was then introduced to the facility’s head doctor, who informed Roger they would administer the vaccine. The cameras were on, and after Roger said, "that was wonderful." The entire room filled with staff and patients, then all applauded. Later that evening, Roger’s niece sent him a video clip from the news indicating the reach Roger’s action took.

Stay with us. When Roger got home, he and signed on to the appointment with his client things took a different turn. Roger assumed this client wanted to work on their music, but they immediately said, "why am I doing this?" The excitement that came to Roger was palpable. Roger said, "please record this, and now I’ll tell you."
We could write a book here, but we can tie it up for each of you now because no one reading these words will find exceptions. Roger had seen over the years how this client never appreciated their work. Even though others did, and their work often brought Roger to tears from its beauty, and often Roger did not understand the words as it was a foreign language.

Roger recognizes the lack of belief others have in themselves because he has carried it for so long. Then last night, while watching a game show, there was a question asked which Roger knew the answer, and the contestants did not. Roger did not know how he knew the answer, but he did.

As painful as this is for Roger, we will take over. Roger was about the leave the message without this part as he doesn’t want to intrude on your time, but we do. Others always know who you are, even when you don’t. Roger received the following email when he arrived home. Keep in mind Roger was wearing a "mask" when he went for his appointment, so he thought no one could see him.

"Hi, Roger – I wanted to thank you again for lending your face and voice to the TV crews this morning! I approached you because I could sense your warm and uplifting personality when you signed-in for your vaccine."

Here’s the punchline. You know the answer for yourself as well, and this restructuring is allowing you to recognize it finally, and then you will manifest the title of this long message into your life, and you will be fine!

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