Nothing of a physical nature holds any value

Nothing of a physical nature holds any value

September 3, 2019

Nothing of a physical nature holds any value. Since Roger has decided he wishes to create a vehicle for others to develop their abilities to communicate with their guides, we might as well begin here. Roger attempted to block this message, but we wouldn’t let him do that as it is far too vital for him, and all of you.

The reason he didn’t want to speak of this subject is that it is one that he knew on an intuitive level but continually doubted himself. He even heard someone else talk about the subject, and then he did what most of you do. Roger thought he couldn’t possibly be the one to receive this information. That belief he has held for quite a while. Now he is more willing because he has more proof. It is quite funny that more of you don’t come to this realization sooner. What do you think we meant by, you can’t take it with you?

This message could be a book, but we will conclude. The thing that you all want is a sense of fulfillment that lasts, and nothing physical does that. Think about it.


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