Nothing is ever ever being taken away from you

Nothing is ever ever being taken away from you

September 18, 2019

Nothing is ever being taken away from you. You are merely being guided to who you wanted to be. Please re-read that sentence often, for it is always true in your lives when you decide to view it in this manner. You will also come to know this is an integral part of our upcoming book on perception.

We will now bypass Roger a bit, for he is still in a bit of shock and embarrassment. He recently discovered that a business decision he made felt to him that he cut off a vital part of his financial security, but nothing could be further from the truth. We will remind him of a story he has told often of a job from which he was fired and couldn’t understand why. Years later, the explanation came, and then he could recognize he was indeed being guided. Roger is now able to assimilate his understanding to give to you.

As you move through your life, you will continually underestimate who you are and your value. But then when you realize you have done this, you will call forth your power to manifest your life as you want it.


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