Nothing is complete, especially you!

Nothing is complete, especially you!

March 6, 2021
Nothing is complete, especially you! We wanted Roger to use precise words, for we wish each person to know we are speaking to you directly. You are moving through a massive restructuring, as we have said, and we also said you had done it many times before, but that is the challenge most have difficulty accepting, even Roger.

Yesterday in a conversation with a friend, they told Roger everything under the sun had been created, or something of that nature, for that is what many of you believe, unfortunately, and you think it about yourselves, just as Roger has done. We will give you a remarkable story that will help your understanding.

Two days ago, we mentioned in an off-handed way the idea of empaths and narcissists. You all possess the qualities of both, but you choose to express them at particular times in your evolutionary journey. When you do, it coincides with the evolutionary journey of your world.

Roger subsequently discovered a video on the subject, which Roger also knew he had ignored for a significant portion of his life. In fact, he has ignored it for the greater part of his existence which extends beyond what you can witness now, as it is with each of you. Roger knows he was led to the quote, "An unexamined life is not worth living," for a reason, and it is unfolding more now.

The same friend sent Roger an article yesterday warning about the dangers of using the personality test we suggested last week. Roger knew we told him it would facilitate what he was creating in his online program, and when he followed us, his results were what we said precisely. The article was warning about how some of these tools might be used. Roger knew our intent was to allow individuals to stimulate their curiosity to discover more of themselves.

Every tool that humans have at their disposal will produce the results of their intent, which is why we have a process in Roger’s program on intention. This wonderful incident with his friend allowed us to give Roger other information that will make sense to many of you.

Some time ago, you developed, we mean humans, the ability to analyze your DNA and find connections to your ancestors. There was an unforeseen consequence to this, which we find more dangerous than the personality test. There was a television Roger, and many of you watched entitled "Finding Your Roots." The show would feature celebrities typically, who would discover connections to very famous people of your history. What many of you did is form a subtle belief that maybe you weren’t enough if you couldn’t find those ties. Well, you all do have them, but they are energic ties to your soul family.

When Roger discovered his "odd" connection to Wallace Wattles, we led him to a video mediation from Wattles last night, who also mentioned Goethe, with whom Roger also found a link. These discoveries helped Roger own more of his path as every teacher you encounter in your life is designed to do for you.

Then we told you once you accepted who you were, you would be wildly successful, and Roger can see this in his life. As difficult as that prospect was and is for Roger, he decided to do that. His client yesterday and days before kept saying, "you are a wonderful teacher." As Roger sat down this morning to begin our session, he noticed alerts on his phone, and they were from the same client purchasing more sessions because they know the value Roger might offer. Now only Roger must accept that as you will accept more of yourself due to this restructuring, and you will be fine.

We gave you this four years ago, and it will make more sense today.

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