Nothing ever goes wrong!

Nothing ever goes wrong!

November 30, 2018

Nothing ever goes wrong! Today we are going to bypass Roger somewhat so that we may use him to help all of you. We gave him this message some time ago, and while he does not remember its contents consciously now, it will be fun for him to revisit that message.

Here goes. You each are born with purpose and intention. The purpose and intention of every soul are unique, and it is up to the individual to understand and use their path.

Roger is a teacher, and has developed the idea based on an intuitive feeling that his life would be more meaningful and serve his purpose and intention if he had firsthand experience, and therefore knowledge of how to live more abundantly and fulfilled. He is beginning to own his path, and we say that to you all, so you understand, it does take time for you to do the same. Seek to understand, accept, and live your unique purpose.

(Note; I did a search for the message referred to in this message, and this is it

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