No one knows you better than you

No one knows you better than you

June 4, 2018

Please do not attempt to censor your story as you relate it to others for it will carry a much greater impact. More than three decades ago you wrote a song entitled, “Better Than Me.” You had no idea at the time how prolific those lyrics would be not only in your life but that of others.

Then yesterday we had to trick you, so to speak, so you might fully embody the meaning of the song. You were called to meet with another, what seemed to you to be out of the blue. Then during the
conversation, you found yourself attempting to justify yourself, your life, and your choices. But then you also recognized that you no longer needed to do that, but it stood out to you because it was not your normal behavior. Now the song makes sense.

No one knows your life better than you, and you not believing that has always been your biggest challenge. What great progress.


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