No one has ever held you back for you have done that yourself

No one has ever held you back for you have done that yourself

September 23, 2020
No one has ever held you back for you have done that yourself. Roger thought that title might be a bit harsh, but it is also the one that will be the most helpful for all. This message might be a bit depressing at first, but then it will turn hopefully, and finally, it will be liberating.

We have told you there is a massive restructuring occurring in your world, and the United States would lead the way, but the part we said which many of you have yet to accept is that the restructuring must occur first within you. Many have trouble with this part of the concept because you don’t believe you are that significant or could affect your world’s outcome, and that is where you are wrong because you are your world, and you are creating it now.

This morning, Roger was awakened by his roommate, which we orchestrated because it triggered Roger’s memories that inform this message. When Roger looked at his roommate, his first reaction was to become annoyed, but then he remembered his role in the world. Then we had Roger revisit a memory of more than thirty-five years ago where Roger received a phone call from someone in trouble who Roger did not know but spent the next several days and countless hours offering counsel to this unknown person. These incidents were signals to Roger to remember why he was here. You each have yours, and many of you feel them screaming at you at this time, and you will decide if you will continue to hold yourself back.

Some time ago, we told Roger to let go of the mask issue, so many are currently arguing over. Roger would use that as another form of distraction because his nature, as pointed out earlier, is to offer help to anyone who might need it. Roger was one of the first people to obtain a mask when it was thought they might be helpful. Roger also knew he wasn’t doing it for him but others. Are you noticing a pattern here?

Also, keep in mind that all of you will acknowledge more though this scenario of the mask. You each desire to know that cause and effect are real, and the law of attraction operates efficiently and continually. It is true in your life and the world.

Now we will give you the liberating part. You each have lived many lives, and in each one, you evolve individually and collectively. Not all of you will perform the same tasks, but all of them are necessary.

You, like Roger, must acknowledge and own yours in this lifetime. For Roger, it was allowing his compassionate side to become powerful. We tricked you all there, for that is the restructuring we spoke of, and as we said and stand by, the United States will lead the way, but just be patient as you must be with yourself. You’re welcome.

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