No one can do the job you were born to do

No one can do the job you were born to do

January 11, 2021
No one can do the job you were born to do. Each of you was born at precise times in your evolutionary journey to facilitate something you wanted to achieve in your lives. Whatever that may be is unique to you, and due to that mere fact, you move through your lives with doubt until something causes you to step outside of your comfort zone and discover new portions of yourself. There was no other reason for you to be alive.

And you decided to do so at this time to witness the events of the coming months. During that time, you will choose who you want to be now. How you will choose is through your relationships, interactions with others, and the world events. Not all of you are here to do the same thing, but you would never know what you wanted unless you were presented with choices that appear as conflicts and contrast.

Then you discover you have only ever had two choices, and they are love or fear. Not all of you will choose love, and if you judge that, you will miss the gratitude you could express to those who presented to you who you wanted to be. That last sentence will aid you all in the coming weeks. The act of choosing for yourself and what you feel you want to do in this life is choosing love, no matter what form that may be.

We are delivering this message, for we led Roger to one we gave some time ago, which was meant to inform this period in your life now and that of your world. You will gain understanding as you read the message if you are willing to accept its wisdom. You will be fine.

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