Next year will be my best year ever

Next year will be my best year ever

December 30, 2017

Next year will be my best year ever. Now if you examine that sentence and don’t believe it entirely, it means that you have yet to understand how life works. You might say that if that prior sentence were correct, then why wasn’t this year the best year? That is because you knew that the process of using discovery was far more valuable for you.

You like using the idea of the treasure hunt, so apply it to this premise. You know that your intention in beginning the treasure hunt would be the discovery of that treasure. But you knew at the same time it would require you to develop your skills to “see” to discover where that wealth might be. You knew you had to believe the treasure existed or you would not have any motivation to continue the hunt.

Now apply that to your life. You see those are all the things you learned this year, as well as discovering the power of your thoughts to create your future, and you know how to use that. Now you understand why next year will be your best year ever.


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