Naked and afraid again

Naked and afraid again

December 1, 2019

Naked and afraid again. The message will be fun for many of you, and should you choose to understand it, you will effectively change your lives. As Roger is transcribing our communication, he has no idea what the content we gave him some time ago contains, but he does know we want him to find it and place it in this message as reading them together will aid him and you.

Roger has heard our whisperings for decades, as you each have heard your guides. You always maintain the ability to choose which voice to which you will listen. The choices that you have are to listen to your human mind, and believe in limitation, or listen to your inner voice, and believe in evolution. The following story will aid your

Roger was asked to shoot some material on personal development. The filming was originally scheduled for yesterday, but he canceled it until today because, as he said, he didn’t feel prepared. So last night, he began to prepare and couldn’t seem to bring himself to get it done. Then he happened to examine the material he had created years ago in anticipation of creating a personal development program. Do you see how ridiculous this is? Roger glanced at the content and said, “this is really good.”

None of you trust your ideas, creations, or your abilities because you, as Roger, compare your gifts to something that has already been created. It is as if you don’t understand the process of evolution of your world. Roger will change this for himself today, as many of you will as well as you gain the wisdom of this message.

July 1, 2017

Naked and Unafraid

You are only as sick as your secrets, is a sentence that has stayed with you for a while. While you came to know that it has been used in various recovery groups, you had yet to understand its implications in your own life fully.

The ironic part of it is that most times, the secrets you are attempting to keep are ones that you want to hide from yourself. You do this by not acknowledging and owning certain aspects of your personality that you feel are innate or natural to you, but at the same time, think that if you accept them and reveal them to the world, you would be judged.
Some time ago, you wrote about the idea of naked and afraid but had yet to come to know that your goal was to become naked and unafraid. You can envision and feel that state of being. Aim for that.


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