More of you will come alive now

More of you will come alive now

January 23, 2021
More of you will come alive now. We love this message so much, as will you, and don’t be surprised at your second reading when the double meaning of many of our words will suddenly become apparent.

As we have said, you are moving through a mass restructuring, the purpose of which is to help you become more. That more may be in this life or another, but whatever you understand now will coincide with your evolutionary journey. You have one individually and collectively.

The reason we are giving you this message is to offer a bit of a reprieve. You may begin to do what Roger has done his entire life, and that is to think he has done something wrong, should have done more, should have known better, or should not have done something. You all engage in this meaningless behavior, which only indicates your lack of understanding of evolution. Forgive yourself.

Now we come to our next point. The visceral period of now is evolution. It is in you and your world. In the next several months, you will find yourselves making new and important choices about who you want to be, and that will be fulfilling your intention of expansion. Again, none of you are doing the same thing, but all are important.

We will end with a story from last night that Roger did not have the opportunity to tell while in conversation with his family, but we will give some here. When civilizations evolve, they only do so out of a result of choice through contrast. The choice collectively your civilization is making will be for the self or the whole. You are doing the same, and you have done it over eons.

All are necessary, and you will become more of yourself because of these coming events, and each of you will be fine in your own way.

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