Miracles are real

Miracles are real

April 3, 2021
Miracles are real. Many of you who follow through with this message may finally come to believe that statement. Roger is still in the process of accepting his recent miraculous experience to the point that he thinks if he talks about it, he might jinx it, or maybe it isn’t real, just like he thought about the dream he found from 2005. Yes, we will have it all make sense.

There could have been no better time than this holiday weekend where you celebrate Jesus as many do on other holidays. If you have followed us for a while, you may have "heard" Roger’s discontent with the celebration of these holidays, for he always felt that the meaning of them was lost in translation, and we agree.
The dream we referred to was one where Roger felt he was among spiritual leaders, and they were asked to do something, and Roger ran to the front, only to discover his apprehension in doing so. That is pretty much what most of you do as you journey through your lives, attempting to reach an imagined destination.

Roger has had pain in his left shoulder for years that recently had gotten worse. Roger has known of the healing powers available and has spoken of them often and included Dr. John Sarno in his program to talk about Roger’s miraculous recovery from back pain and many other ailments. That knowledge caused Roger to question the pain in his shoulder and why he couldn’t resolve it. We told him that if he began embracing himself wholly and moving in the direction that he desired in his life, the pain would resolve.

Roger did not believe us completely, so his resolution began to occur slowly. Then we told him to focus, even more, so he began yesterday removing himself from certain obligations and people he used to distract himself. Roger has often spoken of his condition to his friend, who told him to see a doctor or stop complaining. Roger made appointments yesterday. Last night he noticed movement in his shoulder and less pain. He still did not trust this and decided to wait until today. Roger got up this morning and gingerly moved around and noticed he still had the same result.

Then he picked up his phone and, uncharacteristically from his bed, began playing the video we will leave. The awareness brought Roger to tears, but it has also made him know why he was having this restructuring and why he created his program. Because of this final proof, he will do his "job," and he and you all will be fine.

The video which we instructed Roger to listen to relentlessly. https://youtu.be/LB3aXGA-WHA

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