Love your excuses ; the corrected version

Love your excuses ; the corrected version

July 31, 2020
Love your excuses; the corrected version. While we said to Roger in our previous version which none of you have seen as Roger "accidentally" deleted the message, was to look at his excuses. You may wonder why he deleted the message, and he knows the subject itself is challenging for him. We will give you the condensed version, which may even make more sense to you now.

We told of Roger’s restless night, where he attempted to blame all others for his disturbance. This behavior is not new to him or you. First, he tried to direct it to his roommate, but that is a familiar excuse easily uncovered. You might ask why he, and you have done this, and we will give you the answer.

We have spoken of the references to 2005, where Roger discovered a folder that contained dreams he had, which he remembered and tried to ignore. Roger even told himself it was only a dream and not to be taken seriously, so he could just ignore it. He has not been able to do that for more than these last fifteen years, and you have not been able to do it either. The dream told him who he wanted to be in this life, and he knew he volunteered for it but then immediately doubted it was real, or more importantly, that he could do it or had the ability. You each have done that.

When he couldn’t sleep, he "accidentally" turned on a video where the speaker said, "I am speaking directly to you. You have doubted yourself for years, but now is the time for you to change that." We paraphrased heavily. We said to love your excuses as those are the words we gave Roger years ago, and he even turned them into a process he has in his online program. When you decide to love them rather than judge them or you, you will achieve your goal of becoming a self-empowered person.

We told Roger and you that you teach what you need to learn, and only now does it make sense to him.

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