Love them anyway

Love them anyway

June 24, 2020
Love them anyway. We must say this will be a brilliant message if Roger ever allows it to come through. We are making that statement to alert all of you to the behavior in which you engage, as Roger is doing now, and that is denial. You believe you hear some guidance that might be coming to you, and then you immediately discard it for you think that couldn’t be right or it couldn’t be for me. Those words will make sense soon.

Last night Roger’s friend was experiencing excruciating physical pain, which few have known, but Roger knew this pain precisely. After a while, the friend apologized to Roger as they noticed Roger recently seemed to be on a different trajectory in his life, and his friend did not want to ruin that momentum. Upon hearing that statement, and in a moment of agitation, Roger blurted out the following sentence; "You cannot bring me down for you are causing me to come alive because now I know why I was born and why I went through all those experiences so I could be the example to you as to what can be accomplished you." No one who reads those words will be the exception to that dynamic in their life, but they may not acknowledge this, as Roger hadn’t. You also say things in fits of agitation or anger that will surprisingly be accurate.

This morning Roger heard us say, "love them anyway," and he thought it was a message we had previously delivered, so he searched but could not find it. That is because we had not given it to him, but he was remembering part of the blueprint of his life, and each of you will glimpse yours. Now here is the brilliant part of this message. As we used the collective you meaning, we will now use the universal meaning for the word them. Them will refer to a person or a condition or situation you might have had in your life.

Then we took Roger back to Hoʻoponoponoopo, the Hawaiian practice, and had him say to his friend this with an interpretation because now for the first time, it made sense to Roger. "I’m sorry; please forgive me; I love you; thank you." You see, the "them" we referred to are all your life experiences. They helped create the value within you, and you will come to know that, as did Roger. Forgive yourself for not understanding, and love you anyway.

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