Live your vision now

Live your vision now

August 6, 2018

We are giving you all the answers you were seeking regarding a recent experience, and as you share them carefully with others, it helps you and them.

The answers are; you wanted to know for sure, you didn’t trust yourself, and you listened to others. Now, none of these answers are new to you as you have written of them often, but now you recognize them more vividly.

You found a writing that indicated who you wanted to be decades ago. You then put the paper away and had to search for it again, which was a significant event to notice. So, now when you found it again, you answered all your questions.

You knew who you wanted to be a long time ago, but didn’t trust that. You felt you needed proof, so now you have it, and because of that, now you listen to yourself more. The amount of time anyone takes to accomplish this never matters, only that you do. Go and live your vision now.


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