Let us be frank

Let us be frank

September 30, 2019

Let us be frank. Or Joe, Mary, or Charlie. Roger asked us to make this fun, so that was our attempt at levity, but it will also help to deliver the point we want to make. First of all, Roger firmly believes that his role on the earth is to bring forth previously forgotten information, while at the same time feeling totally inadequate, and disbelieving that he could accomplish this. You all do this! If that were not true, you would have everything you want and would be living the life of your dreams.

In actuality, Roger is fulfilling the role you all have. You live in a collective consciousness that continues to evolve through the contributions that you all make. Every contribution is different and unique to your individual lives. The experiences that you each live that seem to be the most challenging are the ones that will bring you the most value and add your contribution to that collective
consciousness when you do your part and move through them.

Now we will give you Roger’s part as he is about to embody it. You all know the notion of ask, and it is given, and then it should all come to you. Most of you, like Roger, have not been asking. You do this by denying who you are, or what you want for fear of not receiving it. Each of you will feel the truth of that when you are honest with yourselves. Since Roger has operated in this manner, he feels compelled to offer his contribution by aiding others to come to this awareness.

Side note. Roger attempted not to hear something else we were saying, but now he has to. We said, look at the message, “We May Have Finally Broken You”. http://anyadvicefortoday.com/we-may-have-broken-you-finally/


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