Judgment of others

Judgment of others

May 23, 2019

It is not possible for you to judge the experience of another and reach your goal of living as an empowered being. It was a struggle to pull those words out of you, as it is for most others, even to broach this topic, but we want you to explain it.

None of you understand or accept fully what you believe you were born to do, or what you are “supposed” to achieve in your lives. So when you experience that questioning and fail to find answers for yourself, you place your gaze upon others; judge their experience, make what they are doing right or wrong, and then shoot yourself in the foot.

Now here is the understanding you were seeking. You all have felt judged by others, and when you do, you question who you are. An empowered person knows the questioning is valuable, and that the only one who can answer your questions is you. How could you answer those questions then for another?

This message will require much study for comprehension.


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