Judgment never serves you

Judgment never serves you

April 23, 2019

You are having such difficulty allowing this message to come through, but your reaction will become purposeful for you and all others because you all do this.

You had an incident last night that pointed out your judgment in such vivid detail that you were embarrassed, and that is why you didn’t want to discuss it, but we want you to do so. You had a guest in your home, and at the time you were in a different room. You could hear their conversation and made an immediate judgment that this person was less enlightened than you, and they were not the type of person you wanted in your life. As you let go of your resistance and entered the other room, you engaged in conversation and found this person to be one of the most enlightened you have met and one you would want in your life.

Here is the moral of the story. Any judgment that you make about anything at all can only be made from your awareness now, which is always limited, and you wanted more, so your judgment never serves you! Yes, we wanted you to hear that.


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