It’s like learning to ride a bike

It’s like learning to ride a bike

January 24, 2021
It’s like learning to ride a bike. You will love this message as well, and we will be quite creative and tie it into the current restructuring of your world and your individual evolvement. They are different and the same. That cryptic sentence holds the key to the purpose of this great shift in your world.

Last night Roger had a group discussion. The question arose as to why you continually repeat problems, or the world doesn’t change, or even that certain information you receive must be repeated before you might understand the meaning intended. Some have questioned why we refer to our previous messages, and it is for this reason.

Roger knew last night that he didn’t want to use the analogy of going to school, for that example implies different levels of intelligence you each may possess, but it is not that; it is how much awareness you allow.

We then led Roger to a newly uploaded video on "The Course In Miracles," which, as we have said, Roger completed decades ago. At that time, it wasn’t very clear while also comforting. Today as he listens, it makes complete sense, and due to that experience, it further informs him of what he was meant to do in his life. Each of you is coming to that awareness in your life at this time, urged on by the pandemic.

We used the bike analogy because most of you can remember or imagine what it was like to learn to ride and how comfortable it soon became. Expanding awareness is much the same.

Now we come to the final point and the one that will help you understand why you decided to live through this period. After the group last night, Roger called his friend and actually said he felt somewhat guilty. He had just experienced the most glorious hour he could have, it didn’t involve money, but Roger felt guilty because he also knows so many are suffering and in fear.

Yes, we then yelled at him. "Please accept why you are here and do that because it causes you to be happy. We are saying that to each of you, and please be patient, and you will be fine.

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