It was only your lack of belief

It was only your lack of belief

September 7, 2021
It was only your lack of belief. This morning when Roger awakened, we told him to search our messages for the word justice. He found one communication from 2013, which we advised him not to read and simply post that message after what we are providing now.

The reason we are doing that is that he, just like you have done, have moved through your lives doubting what you thought you were meant to do in this life, or you came to believe that you were not the one to do so, or you again falsely believed that your time had passed and that is never true.

The opening statement is the one you will each come to realize in your life experience, and we will continue to help with examples such as this, and we will always explain more in our next Sunday talk.

We wanted you to see the following message for it will apply to your life, that of your world, and why you wanted to live during this restructuring which we told you last Sunday is your most crucial lifetime, and the essence of who are was never more needed by your world than now. You will be fine.

July 14, 2013
You are never seeking justice, for you are always seeking
understanding. The idea of justice is based on what you believe to be principles of right and wrong, and right and wrong do not exist in Ultimate Reality. This is one of the most difficult concepts to accept.

All events and circumstances occur with a purpose and meaning, and the purpose and meaning are always to cause you and your world at large to become more or expand. You can find evidence of this in your
personal history as well as that of your world. When you think of any particular past injustice, as you may label it, the result was always to cause some expansion.

You are always living with a limited awareness as long as you are in physical form, which is why you cannot truly know the issues of right and wrong. What you always desire is understanding, for that provides you with your own personal motivation to do something to become more, which is the expansion you sought when you came onto the physical plane.

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