It was only you who ever doubted your power

It was only you who ever doubted your power

September 7, 2020
It was only you who ever doubted your power. We had so many different titles we might have used for this message. Still, we had to choose one, or Roger would never begin because we are giving him quite a bit and because it causes him to feel uncomfortable making these admissions, but he also feels his "duty" to do so.

Some time ago, we related the story of Roger and his thermostat, where he would think the temperature needed to be different and make his way to make the change, and magically, the thermostat makes the change on its own. Each time, mostly when the incidents occurred in succession, Roger became startled and questioned whether he could have caused that?

Yesterday Roger’s roommate returned home, and on two separate occasions, Roger was about to call him, and the phone rang, and here again, Roger questioned whether or not he could have manifested that. Then Roger decided to plan a webinar that had one intention when he thought about what he was doing, and then last night, Roger recognized it had turned into something more, and of course, he had the same question.

You each will begin to discover that you have always held power, ability, and manifesting powers, but you always questioned them just like Roger. Due to your world’s current conditions, you will awaken more of your capabilities because you are motivated by your current conditions. The reason you have doubted your power is that it is a natural part of evolution. And you are doing it continually, so please don’t beat yourself up, but make a conscious decision to use the power you have unleashed so far in your life.

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