It was always your fault

It was always your fault

March 25, 2020

It was always your fault. We know that title captured the attention of many, and you will come to understand why. We gave that title to Roger several years ago and suggested he use it as an exercise in his program. At that time, a person with whom he was working, balked at that title and thought it would offend many because most of you do not want to accept full responsibility for your lives.

What we suggested for the process was for each of you to change your perceptions about what is occurring in your lives. You have become accustomed to giving away your power to others, and the clever manner in which you accomplish this is to use blame. Or make your challenges the result of the actions of another. Now you can always choose that route if you wish, but you will then never be an empowered, fully actualized person.

It took Roger quite a while to write this because he, like you, does not want to examine his unwillingness to harness and use his innate power. That is why he didn’t use this process years ago. As we mentioned, you all will do much more self-examination during this period, and when you become aware of how you have made your life the "fault" of others, you may beat yourself up a bit more, but no need. We will leave you with a message we did give Roger years ago, which will tie this up nicely. But also, forgive yourself first.

November 8, 2009

Finding fault with any aspect of your life experience is merely an indication that you have yet to understand, come to know, or experience the purpose and meaning of that particular aspect.
While that is a long statement, it holds such valuable information as you dissect its parts to gain greater awareness and assist your evolution.

You do not live in an accidental or random universe, for indeed, there would be no purpose or meaning in that. Every event, situation, person, and occurrence was orchestrated in a way to provide you with all the tools to actualize your very own evolvement. Guilt and blame are also indications you are finding fault. Simply use them to your benefit.

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