It was always your choice

It was always your choice

June 5, 2019

It was always your choice. That is the sentiment you all will come to understand when you decide to leave your body. You had difficulty with this message, but it is an important one, so think of it as having a tooth pulled, The quicker the easier.

We are taking over this message. You wrote something earlier, but we want you to type this. It will serve you and others far more as it is streaming from your consciousness, which you do not typically allow others to witness. Last night you listened to a video discussion of parallel lives. Here is another area, as many others you have recently noticed others discovering now, that you had studied decades ago. And you questioned why you hadn’t done more with it? Because you were supposed to do it now.

Your life conditions will reveal to you your life purpose, as yours is now. There could be no better person to demonstrate the power of deciding to be yourself. Now you will know it is always your choice.


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