It was always you blocking yourself

It was always you blocking yourself

February 13, 2020

It was always you blocking yourself. This message will apply to all humans, and we will use Roger as an example. We gave him a quite vivid and literal analogy this morning.

Yesterday Roger performed an update on his computer. This morning he discovered there was no sound. Roger searched and searched for the cause. After hours Roger found the update he installed required him to unblock the sound emanating from different sites. In other words, as he became updated himself, Roger needed, as all of you, to unblock his thoughts and limited ways of being. Now, what occurs is you begin to think things are now happening by magic, but they are not.

Roger then discovered other areas of his life now manifesting without effort on his part. It was only Roger deciding to unblock himself, which you all will do as well. One last thought. Do not judge yourself when you discover you have been blocking yourself because you would not know you are now unblocked unless you had done that. Now you know evolution.


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